General provisions

1. The contest is organized by GRY-OnLine S.A. with the registered office on Gabrieli Zapolskiej street № 16A, 30-126, Kraków; registered under Company Registration Number (KRS) № 0000294732 in the District Court of Kraków-Śródmieście, 11th Commercial Division; registered under Tax Identification Number (NIP) 677-21-54-611, with the share capital amounting to PLN 700,000 (paid in full). The contest is addressed both to the citizens of the Republic of Poland and to the citizens of the Member States of the European Union.
2. The contest is organized on behalf of Riot Games Services GmbH., with the registered office at Am Studia 20A, 12489, Berlin.
3. The Organizer declares that the Contest is not a random game, a lottery, or any other type of a game the outcome of which depends on chance, or any other form of a random game provided for in the Gambling Law of 19 November 2009 (Journal of Laws № 2009. 201.1540, with amendments).
4. The Contest is organized on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Stages of the Contest

5. The League of Legends European Cosplay Contest consists of two stages:
a. Online contest conducted on the website:;
b. The Offline Final will take place on a date and location determined later.


6. The League of Legends European Cosplay Contest is designed for people who create their own outfits, wear them and enact the characters of their choosing.
7. Minors may enter the contest only if their parent or legal guardian have given their written consent to their participation in the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest.
8. Foreign participants must be nationals of one of the following EU countries (listed on 15/12): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands. We also accept countries partnered with EU such as: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.


9. The goal of the Participants of the online contest is to make their own costumes and present them to the jury.
10. The presented costumes must be based on the characters from League of Legends, a production from Riot Games. Any of the official skins of the characters are legible.
11. Each Participant can submit only one costume.
12. During The League of Legends European Cosplay Contest it’s prohibited to exhibit outfits submitted previously to other contests. The costume must be made for the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest.
13. At least 90% of the costume has to be self-made. It is permitted to use purchased elements such as wigs, lenses or shoes, but they shall only complement independent work.
14. The costumes must not contain content commonly considered as vulgar or offensive, and must not contain political references, nor insult sexual or ethnic minorities.

Details of the online contest

15. Contest Schedule:
a. the Contest begins on 14 Janury 2020.
b. costumes may be submitted through 31st of May 2020. The submissions received after this deadline shall not be accepted.
c. the winners will be announced on 15th of June 2020.
16. Submissions to this part of the contest take place through the form send to the mail: [email protected] . Sample form can be found on site:
17. A correctly completed form includes:
a. The required personal data;
b. The name of the character and its skin that Participant wants to present;
c. The written consent for processing of the Participant’s personal data in form: “I agree to transfer and processing of my personal data in order to complete the formalities related to the mandatory obligations covered by the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest”;
d. Graphics files attached to the form, including:

  • reference photos – at least 2 photos [including official graphics of the character (splash-art) and photographs of any props to be used] – presenting in the fullest possible detail the character the Participant wants to present. The graphics files should be at least 400 pixels on the short side, and no more than 2000 pixels on the long one; compression of graphic files is allowed, provided it does not considerably decrease the quality of the image – this will enable proper evaluation of the fidelity to the outfit;
  • photos showing the creation of the costume – at least 10 photos showing the costume elements being created, and showing the Participant at work; photos of the Participant in the full costume, or its parts, are also welcome. Each Participant can prepare a short video in .mp4/avi format depicting the process of creating their outfit.

    These materials (images or videos) will be used to create short clips presenting the finalists, which will be displayed during the Offline Final, and in the post-event coverage. If no video material is submitted, photos from the work on the costume will be used instead.

18. Should the submission require any amendments or clarification, the organizers may send the submission back to the participant within seven days from the date of receiving the submission, with the elements requiring amending or clarification explicitly marked. These amendments must be addressed at least 48 hours before the submissions deadline.
19. Any failure to meet the specified deadline will effectively prevent the author of the submission from participating in the contest.
20. The costumes will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
a. Making a standard outfit. The level of experience at which the outfit was made will be taken into account – the use of many techniques and materials is very welcome. The jury will pay attention to maintaining the proportion of the outfit in relation to the figure, as well as the precision and execution of the costume creation.
b. Faithfulness to the original and reference picture. The outfit should reflect as best as possible all the details that can be used in the design of the character – details in costumes, colors, shapes of elements.
c. The stage performance. It consists of, among others, the idea for the presentation, its readability (understanding by the jury and the audience), acting skills, props and stage design.

Online finalists

21. The sixteen finalists of the online part of the Contest will be selected by a committee appointed by the Organizer. The finalists will be invited to the finals of the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest. All the travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Organizer.
22. The selected Finalists will be informed about their selection via email. The emails will also include the consent for the processing of personal data and image for the purposes of the Contest.
23. The Finalist should reply to the Organizers’ e-mails within 48 hours. If the Finalist fails to reply, the Organizer has the right to choose another Participant in their place.
24. Providing the organizers with a signed consent (scan or a high-quality photograph either submitted via e-mail, or delivered in physical form) is a prerequisite for taking part in the final of the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest.
25. If a Finalist decides to resign from participating in the final, they should notify the Organizer as soon as possible.

Details of the contest – The Offline Finals

26. Regulations and details (stage, audio-video materials, length of performances) regarding the Final of the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest will be given at the latest one month before the Finals, at:
27. While participating in  offline Final, Finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the local Riot Games project. Details will be given at the latest one month before the Finals, along with a list of relevant consents for the use of the image in the film material.

Disqualifications and warnings

28. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from the participation in the Contest:
a. persons who are reasonably supposed to undertake actions and attempts to circumvent these Terms and Regulations, or who otherwise seek to breach the security or the rules of the Contest;
b. persons conducting activities infringing the legitimate interests of the Organizer or the Principal, damaging their image, or infringing the rules of social conduct.
c. persons who violate the Competition Regulations.
29. Employees of GRY-OnLine S.A., Riot Games Services GmbH, prize sponsoring companies, local prize providers, as well as employees of the agencies cooperating in the organization of the Contest and their family members are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

The Jury

30. Both Juries are composed of specialists from the cosplay community, familiar with costumes, props, make-up and stage performances. The jury will also include representatives of Riot Games.
31. The online Jury consists of three people:
a. Aleksandra Tora – Shappi Workshop
b. Mel Capperino Garcia – Riot SwimBananas
c. Sarah Kulyk – Riot Jynx
32. The offline Jury will be announced on February 3, 2020 at the latest on:

Selecting winners and awarding prizes

33. The prizes in the contest are:
– 1st place: 1500 EUR,
– 2nd place: 500 EUR,
– 3rd place: 250 EURO,
– The Jury’s Award: 250 EUR
34. The winners of the contest will be determined by a jury appointed by the Organizer, announced and present at the venue of the event during the offline finals of the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest.
35. Awards will be distributed at a later date specified by the organizers. The prizes will be transferred by bank transfer to the account number indicated by e-mail.
36. Tax on Prizes will be paid by the Organizer.
37. The Organizer shall contact the Participants who have been awarded prizes in the Contest within 3 (three) days after the end of the Contest by e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application form. The winners will be asked to provide the following personal data in response to a message from the Organizer concerning the delivery and settlement of the prize:
– In the case of the Winners of the 3rd award and the jury’s award:
a. Name and surname;
b. Bank account number for sending the prize money (or parent/legal guardian).
– In the case of Winners of the 1st and 2nd award:
a. Name and surname;
b. Bank account number for sending the prize money (or parent/legal guardian) ;
c. Date of birth, social security number, name of relevant tax authority and residence address –for proper payment of award value tax.
38. Should the Winner fail to provide the Organizer with the data necessary to issue the Prize within 20 (twenty) working days of receiving the e-mail notifying of them being awarded, the Organizer reserves the right to award the Prize to another Contest Participant, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules, or not to award the Prize at all, in whole or in part.
39. The Prizes shall be distributed after the Winners have provided the data necessary for the delivery of the Prizes, within 14 days of the submission of that data to the Organizer.
40. The Participant may not transfer the right to receive the Prize to third parties.

Complaint submission and processing procedure

41. Complaints of the Contest Participants may be submitted in writing within 7 (seven) days from the date of announcing the results of particular phases of the Contest. The complaint must be sent by registered mail to the Organizer’s address provided in clause 1, and marked “League of Legends European Cosplay Contest – Reclamation.” After the above period, complaints will not be considered.
42. To resolve the complaint, a three-person Commission will be appointed by the organizer of the contest. The Complainant will be notified of the decision by registered letter within 14 days from the date of receiving the complaint. The Commission’s decision on the complaint shall be final and may not be appealed against.
43. The use of the complaint procedure is voluntary and does not exclude or limit the possibility for Participants to pursue claims by way of court proceedings before a competent common court. Any disputes arising in connection with the Contest or the provisions of these Regulations will be considered by a court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Organizer.

Personal data

44. While sending the application form for the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest the Participant should add written consent for processing of the Participant’s personal data in order to provide all the necessities during contest like contact with participant and reviewing their application. With this consent the Participant agrees that the Organizer becomes the administrator of their personal data and has access to that data, including: access and processing of personal data with diligence and in accordance with the provisions of law, in particular the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
45. The personal data processed by the organizer consists in:
– In the case of Participants:
a. Name and surname;
b. Email address;
c. Country of residence;
d. Instagram photos and account name (if applicable)
e. Photos showing the creation of costume;
– In the case of Winners, also additionally:
f. Residence address;
g. Date of birth;
h. Social insurance number;
i. the name of the relevant tax office and the address of residence;
j. Bank account number.
46. Consent to any additional personal data necessary for the proper organization of the Finals of League of Legends European Cosplay Contest and accommodation of participants during the event will be sent to the finalists in an email.
47. The personal data of the Participants, listed in clause 45, will be processed for purposes of:
a. organization and holding of the Contest;
b. determining the Winners and awarding, issuing, collecting and accounting of prizes, including tax deductions;
c. contacting Participants via e-mail;
d. the compilation of statistics on tournaments and accounting purposes.
Providing this information is voluntary, but not providing it will prevent participation in the Contest.
48. By submitting an application to the Contest, each Participant declares that they have been informed about their right to:
a. access their personal data provided and to obtain a copy thereof.
b. modify this data.
c. withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data – the Participants also acknowledge that their personal data will be processed for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected.
The above rights may be exercised by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]
49. Personal data of Contest Participants are processed for the period necessary to conduct and settle the Contest and to complete the distribution of prizes indicated in clause 6, and in the scope of documenting the settlement of the Contest – for the period indicated in the tax law regulations, i.e. 5 years from the end of the calendar year in which the prizes were awarded.
50. The personal data of the Participants shall be processed for the purposes of the contest, in particular the delivery of the Prizes to the Winners, by entities legally authorized by the Organizer, including.
51. In matters relating to personal data, including the exercise of rights under the law, the Organizer has appointed a Data Protection Inspector – Mr. Marek Pióro, who can be contacted at [email protected];

Final provisions

52. The Terms and Conditions are available for review at
53. Any questions and comments can be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected], where the coordinator of the Contest will answer them.
54. The Organizer reserves the right to amend these Regulations for the following, material reasons:
a. if the amendment of the Regulations is necessary due to a change in the provisions of universally applicable law or due to the recognition of the provisions of the Regulations as unlawful or otherwise prohibited – accordingly in this respect;
b. fulfilling an obligation resulting from a valid court decision or a decision of administrative bodies.
55. The Rules and Regulations, including the changes introduced in accordance with point 52 above will be accessible to Participants on the Organizer’s website available at – 14 days in advance. With the same prior notification, the Regulations will be sent to the Participants’ e-mail addresses indicated during registration. The reservation of the right to amend these Regulations does not release the Organizer from meeting the obligations assumed in connection with the organization of the Contest before the amendment of the Regulations, consisting, in particular, in the awarding of the prizes.
56. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce any changes to these Regulations without prior notice to the Participants, provided these are not the changes indicated in point 54. The most up-to-date version of these Regulations is available on the Contest website.
57. By entering the Contest and submitting the application form, the Participant confirms that they have become familiar with the provisions of these Regulations and undertakes to comply with them.
58. The decisions made by the Organizer after the resolution of a complaint are final and cannot be appealed against.
59. In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of law shall apply. The Regulations are subject to the provisions of the law in force in the Republic of Poland.