Liebe Freunde,

aufgrund der aktuellen Situation weltweit möchten wir uns zu Wort melden.

All unsere Handlungen sind zur Zeit bestimmt durch die Sorge um Gesundheit und Sicherheit eines jeden, der Teil des League of Legends European Cosplay Contests ist. Dies betrifft Cosplayer, ihre Helfer, Mitarbeiter von RIOT und Organisatoren. Es ist von größter Wichtigkeit für uns, dass ihr unsere Entscheidungen und die Gründe dafür versteht.


Wir verlängern die Contest-Einreichungen bis zum 31. Mai 2020

Zwei Wochen nachdem die Einreichungen geschlossen wurde, verkünden wir die top 16 Finalisten

Das Finale wird nicht am 8. Mai 2020 in Poznań stattfinden

Das Finale wird so weit nach hinten verschoben, bis wir uns der Sicherheit für Cosplayer, Zuschauer und Organisatoren sicher sind

Der Veranstaltungsort des Finales steht noch nicht fest

Wir wissen, es herrscht einige Unsicherheit, aber zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt können wir keine weiteren Informationen weitergeben, bis wir wissen, wie sich die weltweite Lage entwickelt. Wir werden unser Bestes tun, euch mit regelmäßigen Updates auf dem Laufenden zu halten sobald wir mehr wissen.

Passt auf euch auf und bis bald! 


Welcome into League of Legends European Cosplay Contest FAQ page. At this moment, questions are categorized into:
– Applications & Judging
– Costumes
– Logistics

We update the page on a regular basis so be sure to check out if there any new information!


Q: Can I send my application in my native language?

A: Due to mostly English-speaking jury, we highly recommend sending your application in English – this way, we’ll not miss anything in translation.

Q: What if I’m preparing a costume for another event that takes place after the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest? Can I take part in the competition?

A: Of course! If your costume is making its debut at the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest then you can take part in the competition. However, we do not accept entries for costumes used in other previous competitions or taking part in their preliminaries.

Q: Can I submit a costume not made by myself?

A: The costume you will be wearing during the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest must be made by you.

Q: Can you enter two costumes into the online picking?

A: Each Participant can submit only one costume.

Q: How do you judge costume? Is performance more important than craftsmanship?

A: You can find all details about judging criteria in „Regulations“ (point 20). Overall, costume and cosplayer’s craftsmanship will be more important in the final score than performance.


Q: What do you mean by new, not presented before outfits? Does it apply to the entire debut or only to the stage debut? If the costume was used only for photos and did not participate in any competitions, can I still use it in the contest?

A: You can participate with such costume in League of Legends European Cosplay Contest, if:
a) You only wore it while walking around a convention/mass event and during photo-sessions (also those already published on the web);
b) The time between the costume’s premiere and the date of submitting the outfit for the League of Legends European Cosplay Contest was not longer than 6 months;
c) The costume did not have a stage premiere, did not participate in any cosplay competitions and did not qualify for them;
Just remember to provide the required photos from the costume’s work progress!

Q: Are genderbend character outfits allowed?

A: Yes, of course! If your dream is to participate as a male version of Lux or female version of Darius – no problem, we’re waiting for your costume!

Q: Are humanized character outfits allowed? (changing a hero with an animal appearance into a human)

A: Yes, such outfits are allowed, too. But remember to send the appropriate reference photos that inspired your costume.

Q: Are outfits after modifications allowed (for example: new elements added, old changed to better ones)?

A: If you modify elements of an old outfit to create a new character, such costumes will be allowed. Example: reworking Morgana’s outfit and materials to turn it into Caitlyn’s outfit.
However, if you only improve the elements of your previous Morgana outfit, such costume will not be able to enter the competition.

Q: I want to rework my costume into different skin of the same character. Can I still participate in the contest?

A: Yes, if you rework your costume into different skin (f.e. original Yasuo into Odyssey Yasuo) it counts as creating new character. However improving elements of the same skin is not permitted.

Q: Can you have a second person wearing your costume? For example if one person made both costumes but needed both sides – ie: Annie and Tibbers? Would that also be allowed or is it strictly one person on stage at a time?

A: This is allowed only in cases where the second costume/character is an essential part of the main cosplay (for example Annie and Tibbers, Sejuani and her boar, Nunu and Willump). Paired characters who are separate heroes in League of Legends (i.e. Rakan and Xayah) or humanised partners of heroes (i.e. humanised Kindred) are not permitted.
Such costumes can be used as props or wear by personal helper.

Q: Does the costume have to be 100% finished the day the application is sent for the online stage?

A: The costume that is submitted for the competition does not have to be 100% finished on the day the application is sent for the online stage. The costume you are submitting should be wearable so that the judges can assess its proportions and overall appearance. Of course, the more details it has during the submitting process, the more objective the judges will be.

Q: Are all character skins, including the basic ones, allowed?

A: Yes! You can prepare the costume based on all official skins released so far, including the basic ones.


Q: I need personal helper to help me dress up/ to wear second part of my costume (i.e. Tibbers for Annie). Can I bring one for Finals?

A: You can bring your personal helper on Finals. All cosplayers have double-person rooms booked. However we do not cover helpers‘ travel expenses – only finalists!

Q: Is there a size or weight limit on submitting a costume for air flight travel?

A: All weight limits will be reviewed case by case. You can send us a message with your application, explaining the size of your costume and the possibility of requiring additional luggage – we will then try our best to accommodate.